No cure for our Curiosity

This is who we are: a highly motivated team with the passion of those who enjoy their profession.

We believe that cherishing a playful attitude is good for morale and for those long work days. This is why we frequently come up with pranks to keep everybody laughing. It´s always good time for some fun. And snacks (there are always snacks in the kitchen.) We are also an extended family to each other and we hang out outside of work hours quite a bit. By organising team buildings and impromptu parties, we make sure that every new person quickly feels like at home. We do play a lot, but we also work hard and like to challenge ourselves by proposing new projects that will further brush up our skills and unite us as a team. We value continuous education and professional growth, we encourage attending conferences and hold internal lectures.

Meet our awesome Team

This is not a normal place to work. We always find time to play, experiment and explore. You can always find some snacks in the kitchen and a teammate ready to play some FIFA. We love discussions about technology. We enjoy our job.

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