Delivery of value early and often

We work in two-week sprints where we deliver working products that allow for quick pivots and decision-making that avoid unnecessary costs.

Once the product concept is created, development begins in sprints where each one of the disciplines – design, UI, front and back development – creates value and produces the necessary material for the rest of the teams.

We are a cohesive multidisciplinary team

Our internal communication is transparent, honest and personal, done through efficient meetings to find an optimal solution without missing any detail: refinements, planning, demos, retrospectives, workshops on methodology or user histories, gradual knowledge transfer, post-mortems, etc.

Quality is no coincidence

Passion for what we do is key to offering quality service. XP practices such as pair programming, incremental design and continuous integration give your product the foundation it needs to have all that’s necessary for it to grow.

High level coverage from end-to-end tests and integration ensure the product can evolve risk-free. Techniques such as user testing and web analytics allow for continuous validation and improvement without your service having to be shut down.