The Project

Antevenio has been active in the digital marketing sector for 14 years offering services such as web advertising, affiliate and performance marketing, mobile and email marketing and e-commerce.

Their product, MDirector, has been created with a single purpose to offer a high-end product to the companies using our platform to communicate with their users in an efficient way, either by email or SMS. Currently, their client portfolio includes 10 different countries sending out more than 1500 campaigns a month to more than 100 million users.

Antevenio contacted us to build an addition to the MDirector which consisted in producing a Landing Pages generator which could be used by their clients.

Our Work

We were entirely in charge of the project, being completely involved in all its phases. We took care both of the application design and development. We’re talking about a platform with a lot of accent on JavaScript (Backbone.js) and HTML5. The challenge consisted in building the first level product which could stand up to the big competitors in the sector. This is why we opted for attractive design and a high-level development function in JS which makes it possible to build a beautiful, intuitive final product of maximum performance.

The Product

The product allows to create landing pages in a very simple way by using the templates loaded onto the app. This is why we’ve also built a flexible editor with a great number of functions. Here the challenge was to achieve a simple and intuitive use of the app although it integrated numerous options for the user.

Design, UX and Interaction

Different effects and user interaction options were carefully studied in a way that users can easily understand all the functions and manage the landing pages.

The minimalistic design adds to the clean and elegant aspect of the product which will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Functionalities and Technology

In addition to those editing functions there are account makers with different possibilities such as stats management, variants creation, mobile landings, page duplicators, etc…

In this case, technology had a huge impact on the final product. Since the application had a big accent on the client interaction, the core was developed using the backbone.js framework.