The Project

Canal Plus is a Spanish cable TV platform. The company contacted us to collaborate on its website redesign project.

Our client’s needs were focused in consultancy about the website’s responsive front-end architecture, as well as support on its implementation.

Our contribution

We added value to this project in two different ways: on one side, Canal Plus could benefit from our experience on responsive front-end architecture. We defined the site's architecture and established the best tools, practices and workflow in order to deal with the project. We transferred the knowledge to our client's team so they could internalize the concepts for their application to future developments.

In the second place, we supported the project's development itself, helping Canal Plus meet the strict production deadlines.


The project’s outcome was a completely scalable and modular site developed with the best front-end practices, a fluid responsive design which adapts to every kind of device and a reliable architecture, as well as the knowledge transfer about how to approach a front-end project with an adequate assurance of quality.