The Project

Essence Group has more than 20 years of experience in the international market, installing more than 10 million devices around the world. The company offers intelligent solutions for communications, health, safety and comfort.

Essence contacted us to develop a mobile app called WeR@Home. This app was already present at the market in a native stage so we had to build it with new functionalities and design it as hybrid application ready to be used on different platforms.

Our Work

We were involved in this project on multiple levels but fundamentally in development. We defined both the basic architecture of the app as well as its various modules. Furthermore, we collaborated with the Essence team during the PhoneGap and JavaScript of the app and have created views in HTML5. We have also contributed to the training of their team with the technologies used.

Technology and Design

We used both PhoneGap and backbone.js (JavaScript) framework to create the app. Also, many different technologies were used depending on more concrete needs, some of which are Hammer.js, Sass, Grunt, Node.js, Require.js or Bower.

The app was redesigned using a more minimalistic and cleaner interface achieving an astonishing effect of elegancy and balance. In this particular case we mostly contributed by creating views in HTML5 and weren’t responsible for the design itself.


The final result was a completely renewed global product for a huge market, going from native technology to a new hybrid and multi-platform application based on JavaScript. Numerous new functions have been integrated allowing home control by communicating with a wide range of physical devices placed in the end-users’ homes: temperature control, video and alarm management, lighting control, etc.