The Project

Gamifik is a 'loyalty app', (a smartphone application aimed to gain user loyalty) which interacts with the user through consumption-boosting games. Introducing games as a part of the marketing strategy is known as Gamification. Therefore Gamifik is a loyalty app which uses gamification as a strategy to foster client loyalty.


We created a series of fun icons based on most popular traditional games in order to give personality to the app and create more of a game environment for the users.

Gamifik Iconos


Gamifik uses gamification to generate loyalty among its clients. In order to achieve it, different game techniques and dynamics have been implemented. The client is faced with different challenges and tests which, if passed, result in gift rewards. One of the technique was the implementation of levels which assigned different status to each user based on their achievements.


Rules Engine

Gamifik is built in Node.js and has an engine which manages real time events. The engine can read multiple events at the same time and compare them with a series of rules or patterns. In this case it compares the different milestones that users reach by using the app. When these milestones are consistent with a set of predefined rules, the engine triggers a new event which in this case is a prize.

Gamifik desafios


The app is designed to favour the navigation and user interaction. There’s a simple and clean design with specific gamification details built in.


Consumption Analysis

The app provides a backend through which administrators can access the most relevant metrics and data relating to the user consumption behaviour. By delivering such valuable information to the marketing department, it’s possible to come up with more efficient campaigns.



Designed following the Mobile First philosophy, this app has an adaptive design compatible with all the other types of mobile devices.

Gamifik web