The Project

SMART RESORTS is a global solution aimed for resorts and hotels. The app integrates a Booking Engine for a truly smooth customer experience, allowing the users to book a hotel from the very first minute anywhere in the world. The app is already connected to some of the most popular reservation systems in the industry.

Our responsibility in the project was focused on developing the app using backbone as well as the front in HTML5 and CSS3.

Real time Communication

Using recent standards like WebSockets, centralLog is capable of handling multiple concurrent users and allows them to receive satellite events as they occur. If a user updates an alert, for example, every other connected user sees those changes in their screens instantly. Sound alarms can also be defined with rules, so events matching these rules will cause audible notifications, useful for critical situations.

Gmv panel de alarmas CentralLog

Infinite Scrolling

Being capable of managing events during the multiple-year lifetime of a satellite fleet, centralLog allows users to navigate back in time simply by scrolling down. While the user is analyzing past data, real-time alerts are notified in a non intrusive way.

Gmv panel de eventos CentralLog

Event searching and filtering

CentralLog allows each user to define a filter in order to receive real time events that meet certain criteria. This allows different people to monitor diferent on board systems simultaneously or to focus into a specific issue. In addition, the user can go back to any point in time with a few mouse clics.

Gmv filtros