The project

Inpark is an entrepreneurial project offering management and aperture services for garages and community doors through a simple app installed on the user’s smartphone. Our client contacted us to get help with the product’s definition and building.

Our contribution

Alongside the entrepreneur, we contributed with our experience in defining a ready-for-market MVP containing the strictly necessary features, avoiding nonessential developments and costs until the application was tested out in the market.

Subsequently, we took charge of the application’s design and development, searching for a simple and elegant but also intuitive design, making its use as simple as possible.


This product came along with some technical challenges which allowed it to stand out from its competitors. On one side, real-time interaction had to be fast and fail-safe in communication matters. In order to achieve this, the architecture was designed on Node.js technology, supported on an external communication service which provides a fast and safe app-door communication.


The resulting product was perfectly adapted to the business needs, requiring the minimum investment before going into production. Using our experience, our entrepreneur was able to start his business. The application runs in a fast and reliable way in such delicate context as the house doors aperture. The design, intended to be simple to use, has allowed the users to operate the application intuitively from the first time the get in.