Vademecum App - La Roche Posay

This is a hybrid multi-platform app developed in PhoneGap and Backbone. It’s actually a visual catalog of the company products. The whole process started with a prototype and design/UX and ended with the front and app development.

wireframe galería de productos Vademecum
Wireframes Vademecum

Our Contribution

We were involved in every phase of this project, from the product definition and design to the app development itself.

Diseño app Vademecum La Roche Posay


One can access the application from any mobile device. It has an intuitive navigation system and is visually presented in a very simple and elegant way. The accent on clean and minimalistic design was present throughout the whole project aiming to present a visually attractive product without compromising the navigation. Its responsive design allows the app to adapt to any type or size of mobile devices and screens.

Diseño app Vademecum La Roche Posay

Usability and Navigation

The app has a multi-level navigation menu to ease the content classification. In addition to that we have integrated a predictive search always visible during the user navigation. The app is made to be used on desktop and different mobile devices.

Design Vademecum


The app was developed with PhoneGap in order to be compatible both with iOS and Android. We used JavaScript as a basic language through the Backbone.js framework due to its versatility and multiple options. The frontend was completely developed in HTML5 and as much as backend is concerned, we’ve opted for Ruby on Rails.

Design Vademecum