The Project

Notorious in an ambitious startup launched in New York. Their idea was to get important fashion bloggers and NY trendsetters to help out their users through a mobile app.

The project consisted in building an app in PhoneGap which is compatible with any other device. The app was mostly built in JavaScript with a WhatsApp-style chat entirely built in Node.js in order to achieve the best communication speed among the users.

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Our Contribution

We participated in this project by creating a mobile application using the PhoneGap tools, as both design and backend were developed by the client.

For this development we primarily used advanced JavaScript and PhoneGap including a chat in Node.js. Other technologies and modules we used were: Backbone.js, Redis, Websockets, Push Notification, etc.

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The basic functionality of the app allows users to connect to bloggers or other global fashion influencers through the chat where they can ask for an advice or share doubts, get consultancy on purchase, clothes combination, beauty tips, etc.

This contact is immediately established through the chat. The business model is built around little charges users have to pay in order to receive such advices.

Chat and detail app notorious


We’re looking at a very complete application which, apart from the above mentioned functions, incorporates many other possibilities that boost the user experience: search, profile, payment system, image sharing, chat, filters and social network links, etc.

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