The Project

Pyckio is an international sports betting community where prognosticators (Tipsters) and gamblers can relate. It’s a platform with a Twitter-like performance. You can improve your betting results by finding and following specialised predictors (Tipsters) in each sport, and accessing their game forecasts and opinions.

Single Page Application

The app is designed as a Single Page Application with the objective to provide the same quality experience as if you were using the desktop application.

Social Network

The app has all the typical social network elements. A Twitter-like functionality allows systems like followers/followed, Timeline, search, profile, account stats, etc. In addition to that and with an objective to boost the usage, there are different levels of users, rankings and contests.

Personal Ranking

Pyckio has its own Tipster public personal page with graphs and stats. Each Tipster with a blog or personal web can combine or enter his/her picks in Pyckio.

Game Search

In order for the users to navigate and find the games and sports of their interest more easily, there is a free game search and navigation menu where all the games are organised through different sports and countries.