The Project

SMART RESORTS is a global solution aimed for resorts and hotels. The app integrates a Booking Engine for a truly smooth customer experience, allowing the users to book a hotel from the very first minute anywhere in the world. The app is already connected to some of the most popular reservation systems in the industry.

Our responsibility in the project was focused on developing the app using backbone as well as the front in HTML5 and CSS3.

Dynamic Menu

The app has a completely dynamic menu on different navigation levels. The menu behaviour adjusts according to the requests of the server at any given time depending on the type of user.


Custom Calendars

We worked on developing highly dynamic and tailored calendars which allow easy management and visualisation of all the events and alarms created in the app.



The application is made to be used either on PCs or on tablets thanks to its adaptive design.



There is an entirely modular structure which allows a stable app scaling and growth without any further development.