We are Redradix

If you can imagine it, we can make it

We design and develop simple solutions to complex problems. Our clients are startups and entrepreneurs as well as large corporations looking for innovative applications. We love developing and creating awesome products. We are experts in JavaScript, PhoneGap, Ruby on Rails and UX/UI design.

The technologies We use

Javascript JavaScript
Backbone Backbone
Html5 HTML5
Ruby Ruby
Phonegap PhoneGap
Css3 CSS
Node Node
Sass Sass
Angular Angular
Marionette Marionette
React React
Git Git
Vim Vim
Clojure Clojure
Less Less
Backbone Backbone
Javascript JavaScript
Html5 HTML5
Ruby Ruby
Phonegap PhoneGap

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Our awesome School

A Tech School made by developers

We are creating the school we would have liked to attend ourselves. A tech school made by developers. We train individuals and tech companies teams. We teach the technologies we work with every single day: JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, HTML5/CSS3, PhoneGap...

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